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Monday, November 8, 2010

Make Your Business Universally Accessible with QuickBooks on a Virtual Terminal Server

More than 85,000 companies have chosen QuickBooks Solutions. Thousands more use different editions of QuickBooks because of its flexibility. The company says its share of business accounting has reached just over 94 percent. As businesses grow and expand to multiple locations, they may now choose to run QuickBooks on a hosted virtual terminal server (VTS).

A virtual terminal server is a virtual dedicated server with Windows Server 2008 and Remote Desktop Session Host enabled. This configuration allows the system to be used by multiple users simultaneously, sharing applications and data with users anywhere there is an Internet connection. Businesses can “rent” these VTS plans from service providers for as little as $19.99 per month. Running Quickbooks on a VTS has many benefits, including universal accessibility, low cost, less complexity, and data protection.

How is a Hosted VTS Universally Accessible?

You can use a virtual terminal server anywhere there is an internet connection. Using a web browser or a program called remote desktop connection, users can access their applications and share data with coworkers regardless of where they are. With this technology you can easily establish branch offices and support teleworkers. Travelers will especially like the ability to work from hotel business centers, airports, caf├ęs or anywhere they can get a 3G or 4G data connection.

Lower Your Costs with Hosted Virtual Terminal Servers

With a VTS plan, you can eliminate capital expense associated with your company’s network infrastructure. Instead of purchasing and replacing servers, their operating systems, applications and backup software every 3 to 5 years, you can “rent” processing power and costly Microsoft licensing. Additionally, there is no need for skilled engineers to configure and manage your servers. With a hosted virtual terminal server, you can virtually eliminate IT labor costs.

Sleep Better Knowing that Your System is Protected

Every IT person knows that the most vulnerable aspect of any network is its data backup and business continuity solution. If your network is like most, it doesn’t have a backup, the backup media doesn’t go offsite, there is only one backup set at any given time, or the backup has never been tested. That should make any business person cringe.

With the right solution provider, your data can be backed up nightly, replicated offsite, and retained for weeks or months. This level of protection is costly when you attempt to implement it on a small scale, but if you select the right partner, it is free.

Hosting your own server is risky in other ways too. You are always just one hardware or software problem away from being unable to function. Here are just some of the things that can stop your business cold:

  • Server hardware failure

    • Requires components to be replaced

    • Simple failures require hours or even a day to get parts and replace

  • System board or hard disk failures may lead to days of downtime

  • Disk corruption affecting the server’s operating system

    • Likely requires complete reinstallation of OS and reconfiguration of the server

    • Downtime is likely to be a day minimum

  • Malware gets onto the server

  • Power outage

  • Network component failures

    • Including switches & routers

If you have a hosted virtual terminal server, you are protected from all of these and many more. The right service provider has redundant everything:

  • clustered servers

  • clustered storage

  • clustered firewalls

  • redundant power

  • generator backup

  • redundant switches

  • redundant routers

  • redundant Internet connectivity

  • Instant restore of entire servers to previous evening snapshot

More for Less

For as little as $10/month per user you can share Quickbooks and many more applications with your users no matter where they are, and you can do it knowing your data and business operations are secure.

To learn about how to leverage hosted Virtual Terminal Server with QuickBooks or any other applications, call Infinitely Virtual at (866) 257-8455 or request more information from the website:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Choose a Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Company that Supports Uploading Your Own Virtual Machine

Virtual dedicated server companies that allow customers to upload virtual machines offer tremendous benefits over those who require their users to use the hosting company’s templates or server images. Uploading a virtual machine allows you to convert a physical server to a virtual one, use an existing virtual server image, upload server files to a virtual hosting company, or have a hosting company put the virtual server in their environment for you.

Uploading a virtual machine is a great option if you already have a perfect server or don't have access to your server's original installation media. VM upload also lets you implement a development environment for your physical or alternate virtual infrastructure, or use a hosted solution for disaster recovery or business continuity.

Prevent Downtime in Your Production Environment

By uploading a virtual server, all you need to safely update your operating system is to take a snapshot of your hosted virtual environment, load it on a local workstation or a development VM, install all the desired updates, and test it thoroughly before adding the updated server.

Save Time and Customize Your Server

Before virtualization, loading similar applications or operating systems on identical hardware required tedious installation and removal of each variation on the same physical box. Uploading a disk image to a virtual machine gives you the ability to create parallel test environments, saving you time.

Building a custom server or operating system from scratch is also time-consuming, even with excellent configuration management tools, but with a VM upload, you can create and duplicate a disk image that can then be uploaded easily—and quickly. VM upload also lets you build identical, reproducible machines, so that your web site runs smoothly and predictably, with no loss of data, and no downtime. Additionally, you can take an old or misbehaving web server off-line and replace it instantly.

If your development team needs access to your legacy system, VM upload allows you to keep your necessary system as an image locally and put it into an active testing environment only when you need it.

Save Money with a Flexible, Efficient Testing and Production Environment

As businesses grow, so does the need for more virtual servers. Virtualization gives you the flexibility to have as many servers as you need, immediately, and VM upload gives you the ability to take advantage of that flexibility. You'll save money by avoiding the costly turnaround time for bringing physical servers online.

Customization without the High Cost from Infinitely Virtual

Infinitely Virtual’s VM upload supports image import from all major virtualization vendors and offers virtual dedicated servers with the revolutionary Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.), including features like NetApp SAN with RAID-DP, VMware HA clustering, clustered enterprise firewalls, guarantees 100% uptime, and nightly server backup. To learn more about uploading your own VM to an Infinitely Virtual virtual server, call Infinitely Virtual at (866) 257-8455 or request more information at